A core value and purpose of WYLD1™ is to reduce environmental impact through sustainable gear development and practices.  

Please join us in helping to continue improving sustainability through the following wear, care and recycling practices:


Taking care of your gear to increase its life is an easy way to reduce waste and gain extended value from your investment.  To help increase gear life durability and life WYLD1™ uses robust fibers and development techniques such as reinforced seams and stitching.  


In many of our products we utilize natural fibers that are breathable and odor resistant increasing ability to wear multiple times before cleaning is needed.

When your gear needs to be cleaned, please follow these guidelines to reduce environment impact and increase gear life

  • Machine washing: use warm or cold water
    • Turn garments inside out
    • Use a friendly or mild soap/detergent 
    • Avoid bleach and fabric softeners as it can destroy many natural fiber benefits
    • Avoid high heat as it can shrink garments 
  • Machine dying: we recommend air drying, or tumble dry on low
    • When air drying use a drying rack or towel that will allow you to lay the garment flat and reduce potential shape distortion
  • Removing wrinkles: we recommend steaming followed by ironing on low setting
    • If ironing make sure to read garment care label as many synthetic fibers cannot be ironed
    • Turn your garment inside out 
  • Holes or tears: if possible a needle and some thread can solve many small tears without refined sewing skillset.  There are also professional tailoring and alteration businesses that can usually provide assistance at low cost.
  • Dry-cleaning: most gear can be dry-cleaned but please read care label to double-check


Sadly Americans throw away about 81 pounds of clothing every year.  Below are recommendations to follow to increase sustainability when departing with your gear:  

  • If the gear is still functional donate to someone in need who will give your gear its second life
  • You can also sell your garments to thrift shops to  extend the life of the garment 
  • Up-cycle and find a new creative use for the gear to give it a new life
  • Recycle your garments.  Yes you can recycle!  Click the links below to find out more: