Merino wool is a key ingredient found in WYLD1™ polos?  Why, many reasons:

  • Biodegradability: wool is a naturally biodegradable fiber.  It will biodegrade within a year when buried in the ground.  Unlike synthetic fibers that won't actively biodegrade and remain in the environment for many years.
  • Comfort: wool is flexible fine fiber that is soft, conforming and comfortable next to skin.  
  • Temperature Regulation: wool has very powerful active property that releases heat and cools based on the next-to-skin and external environment feedback.
  • Moisture Management: wool absorbs moisture (up to 30% of its own weight) and proactively releases this moisture back as evaporation.
  • Odor Suppression: wool absorbs odor based molecules trapping the smell.
  • UV Protection: wool has natural UV protection capabilities that don't require additional fabric treatments
  • Durability: the wave structure of wool fibers allows it to stretch up to 20% while still retaining form.  

We take this ultra fine and soft merino and technically blend it with Innergy nylon which is functionalized with bio minerals that boost peripheral microcirculation and thermo comfort levels. The result is enhanced thermal regulation; structure retention; moisture wicking; and superior stretch to amplify active endeavors

So what are the critical elements in place on responsible Merino sourcing?  Great question.  While WYLD1 doesn't have the ability to personally visit all the farmers, we proactively work with our sourcing partners and suppliers to ensure proper grower ethic standards are established and adhered.  A few of these include:

  • Strong grower history with accreditation and auditing
  • Adequate land to allow sheep freedom to roam with shelter and shade
  • Regular sheep health and welfare checks to ensure they are properly fed, have adequate water access and are free from illness and disease
  • Humane practices for handling and shearing the sheep