No other apparel is built with the precision and passion of WYLD1. We are redefining sportswear, and it's for the uncompromising who demand elevated fashion, dynamic performance and incredible comfort.

WYLD1 was born out of the frustration of not being able to find sustainable clothing that was innovative, fashionable and functional. And so in 2021 a group of close friends based out of Boulder, CO launched WYLD1. 

Our design team consciously craft every product to achieve a new SuperNatural standard by combining the world’s most prized planet-friendly materials with innovative fabric science. WYLD1's premium and high-tech material collection is unmatched, including Peruvian Pima cotton, Supima American cotton, New Zealand Merino wool, Icelandic Fjords SeaCell, nobel-prize winning Graphene, and silky plant derived SoloTek.    

We believe in making apparel that's better for people and the planet, and we’re excited for the opportunity to show you more about who we are and what we do.

From The People
I’ve been delighted with my experience with WYLD1. All of their clothes are fantastic, and their customer service is responsive and professional. Great company!
— Frederick M
Quality Products , Fast shipping & delivery
— Joe R
Great company - quick shipping and awesome collection
— Peter S
Love what you guys are doing!
— Paul J
I needed to exchange different sizes and the service was outstanding! My new favorite golf attire!!
— Don Z
Fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced!!!
— Kori H
The whole process was flawless and the product exceeded expectations.
— Brian L


WILD: living in a natural state

Y: great things never come from conformity

1: be a person who is real, rare and refreshing


From day one, WYLD1’s mission has been to cultivate a free-spirited community with an insatiable passion for outdoor sports, adventure and protecting our planet. We’re glad you’re here!



Say yes to disturbing your comfort zone. If you never try, you'll never know.


Do something with all your being, with passion, putting all your heart and soul into it.


If you want to create a better future, change it. Commit to a purpose, be brave and stay true.