Earth Day continues to gain awareness and humanity is making solid strides to help our environment and support sustainability.  We find it strange that this movement hasn't had a larger impact on golf since it is one of the few sports where the environment is critical to the future of the game.

A key purpose of WYLD1™ is to be proactive stewards of the golf game and the environment.  We hope to bring awareness and inspire active change to how golfers view environment protection and sustainability.  We don't claim to have the perfect sustainability solution but we intend to make conscious choices and plans to put us on a pathway to be seen as environment brand leader in the future.

We ask that you join us in making the decision to purchase gear with and eco-friendly approach to help the future of our planet and golf.

Lastly, don't forget the small details that add up (biodegradable tees, recycling, etc) and it doesn't hurt to ask the course you regularly play about their efforts to help our environment.  

Its Always On Earth Day at WYLD1!