WYLD1's Angelic Pima™ is an innovative blend of natural Pima Cotton, SeaCell™ and spandex. SeaCell™ uses a patented process that embeds Knotted Wrack seaweed firmly within a natural cotton cellulose fiber. As a result, the positive properties of the seaweed are permanently preserved within the fiber.  It's SuperNatural benefits include maximum comfort, stretch, breathability, and skin enrichment and defense. Positive Energy™ can be found in our polos and tees.

Pima cotton is the highest quality cotton available thanks to ideal growing conditions, extra-long staple length and hand harvesting.  Peruvian pima cotton is prized for its exceptional durability, softness, breathability and brilliant luster.  Pima fabric is made from a unique cotton plant called Gossypium barbadense.

An attribute of Pima cotton that consumers admire is resistance to pilling. With most types of cotton, pills appear around a dozen wash cycles. Pima cotton, hardly pills due to its extra long fibers ensuring it is wearable for many years.

Let's learn more about what makes SeaCell™ a worthy SuperNatural Performance™ fiber.  It is regenerative, biodegradable and carbon neutral fiber ground from certified organic seaweed called Knotted Wrack (Ascophyllum nodossum), which is found in the Icelandic fjords.    

The seaweed used in SeaCell is carefully harvested cutting above its regenerative base once every four years by Smartfiber AG.  After harvesting they wash, dry and ground the seaweed without additional chemical usage.  

Later, wood pulp is added and through Lyocell production process that includes a solvent-spinning process where the solution is filtered and spun to form filaments.  Lyocell production is a top-notch Oeko-Tex Standard 100 sustainable process with no chemicals released as waste.  

SeaCell™ has a plethora of signature benefits from the nutrients of seaweed being retained in the fiber including supreme comfort; soft touch against skin; breathability; biodegradability and vegan; moisture absorption; and is believed to facilitate transfer minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins to skin while also providing skin defense from environment.

While additional scientific evidence is needed to verify the believed skin enrichment and defense benefits of incorporating seaweed into fibers, the long list of comfort, performance and sustainability benefits of using SeaCell™ make it a fantastic SuperNatural fibre for use in WYLD1™ gear.  

Click here to learn more about SeaCell™ and various certification and tests conducted to verify its benefits and sustainability.