Divine Graphene™ fabric is a performance blend of graphene and spandex for superior stretch and auto-thermal regulation. Graphene is allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice. Its an eco-friendly, sustainable solution found in WYLD1™ Quarter Zips.

Let's learn more about what makes Graphene a worthy SuperNatural Performance™ offering from WYLD1. Graphene is:

  • The thinnest compound known at one atom thick
  • The lightest material known
  • The strongest material know
  • The best conductor of heat at room temperature
  • The best conductor of electricity
  • Very flexible 

Wow, thats a strong start!  Carbon by mass, is one of the most abundant elements known in the universe.  Its abundance makes it a potential great sustainable solution.  However, it wasn't until 2012 that eco-friendly production of graphene was discovered by effectively separating graphene from a reusable metallic board which it is grown.  This new process eliminated the toxic waste created from previous production options paving the pathway to sustainable Graphene applications. 

There are also a variety of emerging eco-friendly Graphene production processes including using eucalyptus bark and tea leaves to extract in the synthesis of graphene sheets.  

Graphene has huge potential to transform many areas due to versatility and superior properties.  Significant global research is currently underway to understand how to utilize Graphene's power in batteries, water filters, energy, computers, DNA sequencing, electronic display screens, and textiles.  

Enhanced Graphene textiles are just hitting the market and offer a number of incredible benefits including boosted thermal regulation, durability, self-cleaning, breathability, flexibility, protection, and tech integration.  There is significant ongoing research and experimentation with Graphene use in textiles that will continue to push the boundaries on how this unique and all-powerful material could revolutionize future textiles.  

We hope you are as excited as we were when learning about Graphene and now understand why it rightfully achieves Supernatural Performance standards for use in WYLD1™ gear.