Colorado is home to a variety of different golf courses that have plenty of sun and differing weather conditions but no matter where you play its at high altitude...some courses are really up there. 

The courses on the planes have milder weather and can be played year round with high temperatures and sun in the summer but luckily its an arid climate so you don't feel the swampiness of high humidity climates. 

If you're playing the mountain courses the weather can change quickly, especially in shoulder seasons, with cooler temperatures in the mornings and evenings. 

Check the weather forecast before your trip to have a better understanding of weather conditions also looking at the temperatures in morning and evening to see if there are big swings that may impact your gear selection.

Below are the items that our team found to most valuable:

Must Have's:

    • Tops and bottoms: multiple versatile options and layering for different weather conditions, comfort, performance and off-course
      • Tops
        • Long-sleeve water proof lightweight jacket that is lose for multiple-layers and flexibility. Gor-Tex is always a reliable choice and is breathable.  
        • Long-sleeve base layer: compression helps to reduce bulkiness and are normally breathable
        • Short-sleeve base: compression helps reduce bulkiness and are normally breathable
        • Heavier mid-layer with some form warmth/insulation 
        • Polos both long and short sleeve to wear with base or by itself and meet dress requirements. Polyester blend is comfortable and dries quickly.
        • Casual everyday and dress shirts for off-the-course wear
      • Bottoms
        • Water proof lightweight pants that are lose for multiple-layers and flexibility. Gor-Tex is always a reliable choice and is breathable.
        • Base layer leggings (long john's, spandex w/insulation, sweats) that can be worn under pants for colder conditions
        • Golf pants worn in cooler conditions that also meet dress requirements.  Polyester blend is comfortable and dries quickly.  
        • Golf shorts worn in warmer conditions that also meet dress requirements with some courses forbidding. Polyester blend is comfortable and dries quickly.
        • Jeans for everyday wear off course.  
        • Underwear: obvious reasons...your choice briefs, boxers or banana hammock
    • Golf shoes: light and breathable in the summer and water-resistant in Spring or Fall.
    • Other shoes
      • Casual performance shoes: sneakers, running shoes, etc that are comfortable with performance benefits for travel and walking
    • Socks: multiple warm and performance sets for weather and comfort
      • Golf balls - many of the courses in Colorado, especially the mountain courses, are not forgiving.  Bring plenty of balls to reload if you have a tendency for wayward shots.
      • Golf gloves: normal gloves in summer and rain gloves for spring and summer
      • Other gloves: if you are going in shoulder season bring a pair of insulated and water proof winter gloves to keep you warm
      • Hats: breathable cap or visor for summer with a beanie for shoulder seasons
      • Belt: helps keep those trousers on the hips
      • Golf accessories: tees, ball markers, etc.  
      • Clubs: the basics you normally play
      • Bag cover: always nice to keep your clubs dry if raining 
    • Luggage 
    • Golf travel bag: hard or soft bag to keep the clubs secure
    • Dopp Kit:
      • Usuals: for a trip 
      • Pain relievers: to help with knees, back or a hangover
      • Lip balm: sun and wind
      • Sunscreen: it is highly likely you will be seeing a lot of sun during your trip and with the altitude the sun is more powerful so don't skimp on sun screen.
      • Contact solution: important if you wear contacts
    • Documents and $:
      • Drivers license: plane TSA, car rental, hotel check-in and if you're lucky enough to get carded on the 19th hole
      • Credit card: accepted nearly everywhere and reduces need to carry cash
    • Phone: vast and reliable coverage even on mountain courses
    • Plastic bags: ziplock or other secure mechanism to keep valuables dry in golf bag if weather gets nasty
    • Medicine: don't forget it if the doctor ordered

    Nice Have's:

    • Sunglasses
    • Water resistant/proof cap or bucket hat
    • Visor 
    • Cash: easy access for tipping
    • Water bottle: stay hydrated on course with all the walking
    • Down or sweater vest: perfect for cooler but not cold conditions with shoulder and arm freedom
    • Short-sleeve lightweight water resistant jacket: perfect for cooler and light rain conditions with shoulder and arm freedom
    • Camera: if you want high quality photos of your trip
    • Laptop/tablet: doesn't hurt to have a larger screen or check in with work if you're playing hooky.
    • Watch: get time, temperature, email, etc
    • GPS course accessory or programs: helpful if you don't have a caddy with limited distance markers on some courses
    • Scope: to shoot distances if you don't have a caddy
    • Neck warmer: doesn't hurt to have if its cold
    • Water proof phone case: no need to worry if it gets wet
    • Handkerchief of micro-fiber small towel: nice to have if conditions get wet and you need wipe your face nose or dry something else
    • Bandaids: if you get a blister on your feet or cut somewhere becomes a requirement

    Optional Have's:

    • Earphones: to listen to music or watch movies on plane or ground transport
    • Playing cards: nice to have when traveling with friends for plan, ground transport and late night gambling action

    Other things to consider:

    • Pack a versatile single wearing of your golf gear in carryon in case your luggage is lost and you don't want to spend a fortune in pro shop getting completely outfitted
    • ShipSticks so you don't have to deal with carrying your luggage and golf bag
    • Load up your golf bag with your shoes and extras to free up room and potentially reduce additional luggage airline fees. 
    • Unscrew your woods from shaft to reduce likelihood of breaking during transportation
    • Buy versatile golf apparel that can be worn on and off course
    • Leave some luggage space for souvenirs