Cypress Point is a golf masterpiece ranked by many as a top 5 course in the world!  Located on the tip of Monterey Peninsula in the Santa Lucia Mountains. It is a highly exclusive private club that if the invite occurs jump on it. 

The course founders were Byington Ford, Roger Lapham and Marion Hollins.  They hired Seth Reynor to design the course but unfortunately he passed away providing an opportunity for signature golf architect Dr Alister MacKenzie to lend his genius.  The course opened in 1928.  

When planning to play Cypress you will quickly notice it isn't a long course.  Cypress made a conscious decision to maintain its original magical character rather than renovate like many other courses to mitigate modern longer hitting technology.  Cypress has also taken additional steps to ensure its rich historic feel and traditions stays true by restoring the distinct original MacKenzie bunkering and dunes; and maintaining a timeless clubhouse.

The property is jaw dropping and the course is a memorable adventure through the Del Monte Forest, dunes and stunning rocky coastline and ocean views. MacKenzie perfectly fused the course routing and design to embody the one-of-a-kind landscape.

Its a strategy course that provides golfers with a variety of shot choices based on the differing hole layouts and risk/reward decisions.  While most know of Cypress for its iconic coastline holes the interior holes are also gems.  

Hole #1 can be a bit intimidating as members, guests and caddies are watching waiting for their upcoming tee time.  It also has a unique hedge in front of the tee box (shown in pictures) that throws off your perspective.  Don't worry about the hedge, hammer one down there as it is one of the longer holes and a closer approach is helpful to avoid a three put on the large green complex.  Hole #5 is very distinct with tiered uphill slopes.  

To courses primary defenses are wind, precision, bunkers and ability to focus with beautiful distracting scenery always in clear sight.  The ocean does come into play especially on the signature hole 16 where you need a hefty carry over it to reach the green.  Go big if you're playing cypress and don't take the bail out route.  

The 17th tee box has brilliant views of the ocean and the picturesque 16th and 17th holes.  There are several trees in the middle of the fairway that can come into play on your approach shot requiring you to devise a plan on the tee.  

The 18th has been a polarizing hole due to a quote by Jimmy Demarest who said "Cypress is the best 17 hole course in the world".  He was not a fan of 18.  We understand Jimmy's perspective but would disagree as if this hole was on many other courses it wouldn't be frowned upon.  It is also a challenging hole so its no layup heading into the clubhouse.  

The course will surpass your expectations.  It captures all the best elements of golf and is extremely fun.  We are all in if the invite is kindly provided again.  





1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 16, 17