When creating the first line for a new brand its important to have a clear vision on how the brands DNA and objectives will come to life through the product design, function and production.


  • Innovative and purposeful performance features and benefits 
  • Sustainable rooted design, materials, production and packaging
  • World's finest materials technically blended using innovative fabric science
  • Clean timeless designs with sharp modern details
  • High-quality construction engineered with ergonomic precision

Working closely with our valued product partner The S Group these foundational product elements led to a strong start for our initial design inspiration and black and white design concepts (shown below).  



We also paid close attention during the design phase to our markers, patterns, grain lines and cut seams to minimize waste that occurs during production.  Although these may seem like trivial detail they are actually very important considering 9 million metric tons of waste are generated in global textile production annually.  Reducing production waste by 5-10% can make a sizable positive impact.


Colors and graphics are a fun step in the early design phase.  The WYLD1 color pallet was inspired by distinct nature derived colors that aligned with emerging color trends, and key brand positioning and style elements.  These colors were then applied to merchandising boards to provide a holistic line visuals and better understand how primary and pop colors will be utilized with individual styles.  Our spring green signature brand color was selected as a fun and identifiable color pop that is showcased in details and notions across the line.  Below are a few examples of where we landed on color theme and merchandising boards.  

Graphic and pattern treatments provide the ability to elevate the line with expressive energy pops.  We choose to primarily use creative graphic and pattern applications for our limited release items that we flow in throughout the season to keep our line fresh and interesting.  For our first season we focused on amplifying several key branding elements that were uniquely placed on our products to make a distinct and uplifting statement.  Below are several product with graphics from our spring and summer merchandising drop boards.  


While working through solidifying our design, colors and graphics we simultaneously were identifying and narrowing down our material selections.  Materials are important for any garment but critical for WYLD1 since our goal is to create a new standard called Supernatural where you no longer needed to compromise between elite performance and sustainability.  This required technical innovations in sustainable fabric science to achieve premium performance and sustainable objectives.  Below are key performance benefits we sought from our materials:

  • Comfort and soft touch
  • Enhanced stretch
  • Thermal regulation 
  • Breathability
  • Moisture management
  • Lightweight
  • Quick drying
  • Odor resistant
  • UPF protection

We conducted rigorous testing of a wide variety of innovative planet-friendly blends of renewable, regenerative, and natural materials.  We narrowed down our focus to the following four technical material blendsthat delivered elite performance benefits.

Divine Graphene™

A performance blend of graphene and spandex. Graphene is one of the thinnest, strongest and lightest materials known; and a fantastic conductor of heat at room temperature delivering amplified thermal and moisture wicking benefits.

Heavenly Merino™

A remarkable blend of merino wool and Innergy nylon. Merino is an elite performance with thermal and moisture wicking benefits. Innergy is functionalized with bio minerals that boost peripheral microcirculation and thermo comfort levels.

Subline SoloTex™

A technical blend of Solotex and continuous filament recycled polyester with 4 way machine stretch. Solotex has a unique plant-derived molecular fiber structure with soft touch, stretch, lightweight, and moisture wicking abilities.

Angelic Pima™

An innovative blend of natural SeaCell™, Pima cotton and spandex. SeaCell™ uses a patented process that embeds seaweed within the cotton fiber enhancing comfort, and providing anti-odor and skin enrichment benefits.


Next, we moved onto prototyping our offerings with sourcing and factory partners that have strong sustainable and responsible practices.  We conducted 3+ rounds of prototyping for each product with fitting and wear testing occurring at each stage to ensure it achieved our high Supernatural Performance™ standards.  Below is the final production snapshot of our All Day Polo. 


Developing gear to minimize environmental footprint that maintains high performance and quality requirements is an ever evolving complex challenge.  We are aware that everything we do has an impact on the environment, people and animals and there is no perfect solution.  We were meticulous in putting together our Go Scratch™ first approach and spent considerable time looking at nearly every detail of the product and the production process.  Below are a few of the sustainable and responsible solutions we employ:

  • Low waste designs
  • High proportions of renewable, regenerative, and natural materials
  • Partner responsibility certification requirements
  • Durable construction and timeless designs for longevity
  • Chemical management guidelines
  • Carbon offsets
  • Fair and safe work environment policies
  • Recycled and biodegradable packaging

3-2-1 LAUNCH

We kicked off the initial product briefing at the end of 2019 knowing this was a product line with big ambitions that would take determination to build.  We are now incredible pumped to launch the first WYLD1 Supernatural Performance™ collection.  We are also equal excited to team up with you to Defend the Green.  A healthy environment is a necessity for golfs future. Climate change is a huge threat to golf courses everywhere.  Through conscious choices and education we can make a difference in helping our planet and golf thrive.


WYLD1 is a brand pioneering solutions to help the future of our planet and golf. As we all know change is constant and brands that embrace this philosophy and continually evolve through innovation are best positioned to meet future consumer desires and further reduce our environment footprint.  This is why during our initial product line development we quickly established the WYLD1 +IMPACT Lab to ensure there is always a relentless drive on identifying, building and launching new innovative Supernatural Performance™ gear and advancing our sustainable solutions. The +IMPACT Lab already has multiple level up projects in the works we are eager to share with you.  Stay Connected!